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Matthew Got Laid [off]!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today I was on break taking a lovely walk in the park when I received a not so lovely phone call from HR and the head of IT, informing me they're having to do a second round of layoffs, this time 21 people, including me, effective immediately. It's not performance related, it's a "corporate reorganization, due to financial constraints." Spare me the mumbo jumbo.  The company is doing better than ever, the sales team sends out emails congratulating themselves on every big account they land, and not only have they made their first million-dollar deal this year (which is only halfway over mind you), they've done THREE, they're hiring people left and right to keep up, so basically this all just means they want to hire new people under different titles to do the same work but pay them an even lower wage to put even more money in the pockets of the big wigs. Don't you just love business? :/

One door has closed, and another will open. I'll head back to Minnesota for a while to get all the loose ends straightened out and reset, and then I'll take to the road again - this time I won't have to worry about "the man," and as I travel I'll keep an eye out for places I'd like to live and work - and even better I can look for another company that'll allow me to telecommute, so that I can remain mobile. I'm not ready to settle down and plant roots in any one place right now.

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