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Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Cleveland, Ohio

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today I visited the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Immediately upon stepping inside the building my skin produced goosebumps - it was an ICE BOX inside. Seriously, if the museum were to set a record, it would be world's coldest building, lol! People everywhere were trying to keep warm; at one point I told a lady wearing a sweatshirt next to me, "You were smart." She replied, "No, I was so cold I bought this from the gift shop!" I finally had to be "one of those people," and told the staff it was way too cold in there. I didn't notice any change in temperature after that but oh well. What a brilliant way to sell sweatshirts in summer, LOL!

"The 150,000 square-foot museum features seven floors, five theaters for films, special events and free public programs and ever-changing exhibits." The collections were comprehensive. They seemed to cover every decade, every sub-genre. Of course "The King," my favorite childhood artist, has his own "focus unit," and The Beatles and Bob Marley, and a few others had pretty extensive collections.

The video of that highlights each years' inductees was entertaining, as well as the video of memorable clips of acceptance speeches and interviews.

With as many exhibits and collections that comprise this museum, one should be prepared to spend nearly a whole day, if you want to look carefully at everything.

Afterward I called my dad, went to Starbucks (6901 Rockside Rd) for a few hours, saw one of the nicest McDonald's ever (6201 Brecksville Road), and stayed the night in my car in a parking lot of a hotel in Independence.


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