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Squirrel & Chipmunk and other Wildlife Museum Bizarre - Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today I visited the most morbidly fascinating wonderment I've ever been to!
Location: Basement of Cress Funeral Home, Madison, WI

"A menagerie of dead animals emerges from the darkness. The rumpus room walls are covered with literally dozens of giant fish -- muskie, arctic char, grayling, lake trout, whitefish, dolphin, flounder, a 500 pound blue marlin -- some posed in mid-thrash as they chomped Sam's fateful hook. A barracuda, for some reason, wears a top hat and cutaway coat. The mammals, many in elaborate display cases, fill the floors, the wall space not occupied by fish, and every available flat surface.

A squirrel rocks back and forth in a chair while smoking a pipe and reading a book, muskie spin eerily in wood-framed seascapes. The elaborate dead "Squirrel Bar" has white, brown, and black squirrels sharing brews and cigars and good times -- forever. In "The Woodland Fair" diorama, chipmunks populate "Lou's Bar & Grill," ride a merry-go-round, eat cotton candy. Half-naked 'munks dance on-stage at the "Topless Girlie Show." A squirrel rides an animated bucking bronco amid a tableau of colorful plastic dinosaurs. A pack of rare albino squirrels straddle Playskool tricycles and spin on a Ferris wheel.

How did all these dead animals end up here? Road kill. And accidents. All the chipmunks came from local golf courses. Killed by golf balls."


Watch the Chipmunk Ferris Wheel:

CLICK HERE to tour the museum without leaving your seat! Video taken by yours truly. Enjoy! (sorry, you have to tilt your head at most of this, because I didn't realize the video didn't auto-rotate - OOPS!)

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